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Your Guide to Buying a Used Bike in Berlin 

Buying a second-hand bike in Berlin is easier than it sounds. With the help of a few simple rules, you can find the perfect bike for you without too much effort.

The first step is to decide what type of bike you want to buy. There are many different types of bikes, but there are two main categories: mountain bikes, city bikes, and racing bikes. 

Mountain bikes are built for off-road use, while road bikes are built for racing on paved roads and paths. If you don’t know which one to choose, think about where you will be riding your bike most often and go from there.

After deciding what type of bike to buy, you can head out to berlin’s famous bike flea markets, or even eBay kleinanzeigen. 

1. Berliner Fahrradmarkt

It is relatively simple to get a bicycle at the Berlin bicycle market. Simply look up bike market dates and drop by. Hundreds of bicycles are looking for a new owner.

Bicycle purchase pricing is set by the marketplace sellers themselves, independently from the fleamarket management. So how much you pay for your bike is entirely up to your negotiation skills.  

2. Fietsenbörse

After finding out about the next location and date of the upcoming bike flea market, you can just drop by in the morning and find your perfect bike among 500 used ones at Fietsenbörse.

If you’re not sure about which bike to buy immediately, no worries. Feel free to ride the bike around for a test ride or get advice from the local independent specialist you’ll find there.

Even though you’re buying a second-hand bike, you’re still eligible for a receipt issued by Fietsenbörse.

3. eBay Kleinanzeigen 

eBay Kleinanzeigen can be a great source for acquiring new or used goods in Germany. Here, you can filter out your needs and requirements easily by using the pretty self-explanatory interface and find yourself a good deal. 

But, it’s important to make sure that you double-check the bike on the spot. Don’t feel obliged to purchase the bike only because you made an appointment with the seller. 

Make sure you read the reviews and ratings of each seller before purchasing the goods from them. Don’t forget to leave them a review in case the bike doesn’t turn out to be in perfect condition as promised in the ad. Your experience, negative or positive with the seller may help others in the future. 

4. Facebook Groups 

Sell Your Bike Berlin is one of the most popular ways to find your next bike. However, the same rules apply here as to eBay kleinanzeigen. Unfortunately, you can’t double-check the sellers’ reputation based on past recorded experience on the website, but you can always make sure to take your bike expert friend at the appointment and ask them to check the bike is in a good and safe condition before purchasing it. 

5. Bikesurf 

A friend is visiting, and you were thinking of offering them buying a second-hand bike for the week. But investing 100 euros in something that you won’t use for more than a week doesn’t sound smart. That’s when Bikesurf comes in. The community aims to help all bike lovers enjoy riding quality bikes in the streets of Berlin without going overboard with other pricey options. 

With Bikesurf, you rent a bike and donate what you can or return the favour by offering them a service or skill. What a fantastic idea to maintain the community and help out those in need of a 2-wheeler. 

6. Bicycle repair shops 

Your local bike repair shop might have more than you think to offer. Don’t overlook them only ebcayse they’re displaying their most beloved, expemnsive-looking models in front windows. They might just have something perfect for you in the storage or backroom. Just go around and have a good look at all of them. While you’re there, feel free to ask for help. The shop will be more tham happy to let you try out your potential pick. 

Berlin is a great city for riding the bikes painlessly due to its flatness. Investing your time in finding a good deal for a secondhand bike will only be worth it.  Who knows, knowing this city, you might even get lucky and find one that’s been left on the street to give away.  

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