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How to Find Your New Berlin Friends

One of the biggest challenges of moving to a new city is having to find a new social network. Or perhaps you’ve lived in Berlin for a while but the friends you made are moving back to their home countries and you’re all alone again. Whatever the reason, meeting new people in a new city…

Best Pizza in Berlin: 5 Life-Changing Pizzerias in Berlin

Whether it’s outdoor dining, eating inside or taking it away to eat at home or in the park, pizza is always a classic option, as well as easily transportable. The rise of gourmet Italian style pizza in Berlin may once have seemed like a trend, but it looks like it’s truly here to stay. Here…

Coya Review: Is Coya the Best Insurance Provider for Expats?

When it comes to insurance nobody wants to deal with incomprehensible terms and conditions, a pile of paperwork, or long processing times when filing claims. That’s why Coya is focused on maximum convenience for their customers. Coya is digital, flexible, and affordable. Coya is the insurer of the future.  Coya founder Andrew Shaw came up…

How To Get a Pet in Germany

Million of people consider pets as a part of their family. In Germany, it is not any different. We love them, go to walk with them, talk to them and enjoy their company. It is claimed that pets have a positive impact not only on the health status of the pet owner but also on…

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