how to buy and sell old items in berlin and germany

How to Buy and Sell Second-hand Items in Berlin and Germany


It is estimated that 8% of the electronic goods thrown away by Berlin households and small businesses, along with 6% of discarded bulky items, waste wood, and metal are reusable. The Waste Management Concept 2020-2030  and the Re-Use Berlin initiative both aim to inspire residents to “re-use instead of throwing away”.

It is also now trendy to buy preloved things in Berlin and Berlin’s second-hand craze is turning it into a zero-waste city. However, the increasing number of shops, websites, and groups can be brain-rattling. So, we have compiled a curated catalog of “where to find what (second-hand) in Berlin” to make perusing second-hand items easier.

1. Books

  • Medimops– Books, music, movies, games with new and updated sale offers. Free shipping from 10 euros. 
  • Booklooker– New, used, and antique bargains from 0,25 euros. They connect buyers and sellers via their online platform. They also have a buyer protection plan.
  • Curious fox – You can buy second-hand books in English here. They also have book clubs to read books together (now virtual).
  • Saint George’s – A large selection of books can be ordered before 5 pm and they arrive the very next day. They endeavour to remain a used bookstore with regular hand-picked, second-hand shipments from the UK. 
  • Berliner Büchertisch – Great selection of books with student discount!
  • Pequod Books – A cute book store with second-hand books in many languages.

2. Clothes

  • Momox clothing– Germany’s largest second-hand online shop offering a diverse selection of used clothing in good, excellent, or new condition with no shipping costs. If the clothes do not fit you after trial, you can send them back, free of charge!
  • HUMANA second-hand- There 17 HUMANA branches in Berlin in addition to an online store. The Friedrichshain branch is Europe’s largest second-hand department store. 
  • Picknweight– Claims to be a “Vintage Kilo Store”. Whatever you pick, you pay by weight!
  • Allet Shick– More classic and chic pieces. All items are selected, prepared, and if necessary “repaired” before they are sold.
  • Veist– Unique finds with a memoir tag of the story of the pieces written by the previous owner.
  • ReSales Second-hand– Great collection of second-hand clothes. People claim to have found cheap costumes for the Carnival here
  • Kleiner Laden– You can book this shop as an event place for a girl’s evening out with drinks, music, snacks. During the event, they let you try on everything in the shop. They also style your hair and do a great make-up!
  • Made in Berlin– Attracts many international tourists. Tip: On Tuesday between 12 pm and 3 pm, there is a 20% discount.
  • Sing Blackbird– Comfortable shopping with coffee and cake. They also host a flea market every third Saturday of the month. 

3. Shoes

  • Koku Second-hand in Neukölln has the nicest collection of second-hand shoes. They also claim to have the largest collection of Dr. Martens 
  • Paul’s boutique– A sneaker lover’s paradise, this store has sneakers of various brands stacked up.

4. Children’s items

  • Dreikäsehoch Children’s secondhand– Stretchers, baby seats, small furniture, and other cool kid things are available here. During pandemic times, you can also click and collect.
  • Trollby Childrens secondhand– Although slightly expensive, they have a large collection of children’s shoes and gently used infant and children’s clothing.
  • Anna och Larson store is a forty-year-old shop that sells high-quality children’s clothing, used wooden toys, and special children’s books. They also have a collection of fabric and cashmere trousers that Anna and Lars themselves sew from children’s old clothing. 

5. Bikes

  • Bike A-way – Salvages used bikes, fixes them, and sells for a fair price. An assortment of bikes at one year warranty with helpful staff.
  • Deal my wheel– Classifieds for only bikes.
  • ReCyles Bikes Berlin – Repairs, consultations, and sale with fair prices and a great team. 
  • Bikeopia– “All bikes are good bikes”, they claim. Average bike price between 300 and 650 euros with six-month warranty (extendable to one year).
  • Radwelt Berlin Mitte – For buying used and new bikes online. They also have a “Buy a new bike- sell an old bike” program.
  • Fiestsenbörse– Organises fleamarkets for bikes (Next one in Berlin is on 18 April 2021).
  • Fahrradstation – a bike rental company that sells their previous year’s used rental bikes. 
  • Auctions by Police and BVG– They sell part of bikes that were found but not reclaimed for as low as 5 or 10 euros.

6. Furniture

  • Sell your furniture Berlin Facebook group- Apart from providing a platform to buy and sell, they also provide the contact details of people that could help with transporting bulky items.
  • Sell your stuff Berlin Facebook group- Main posts on this group sell furniture, household appliances, etc. By posting a picture with a price tag, it is easy to sell your stuff on this group.
  • Nochmall– The first department store for used goods in Berlin. Although you can find clothing, electrical appliances, houseware, etc., this store mainly sells second-hand furniture. 
  • Möbel verkaufen, tauschen, verschenken facebook group- A group for buying and selling furniture. You must know German to be part of the group.

7. One-stop shop

  • Craigslist – cheap or vintage bikes, household appliances, furniture, and what not…
  • eBay Kleinanzeigen – the biggest classifieds platform with lots of offerings.

8. Flea markets

  • Mauer park– Perhaps the most popular flea market in Berlin, this flea market has a wonderful atmosphere. They claim to provide enjoyment for your palate and soul
  • Anziehmarkt– Cheap and not a too touristy flea market, with easily negotiable sellers
  • RAW Flea market– Located amidst bars and live music venues, this market has nice art, music, and home goods for sale
  • Lichterfelde- On the car park of OBI Lichterfelde every Sunday, you can find a large flea market frequented by many families. If you go early in the morning, many good bargains can be found   
  • Mühlenmarkt– Cozy shopping with surprising treats at small stalls. A beer by the canal or dancing can bring your whole flea market shopping to a perfect end.

Find your nearest flea market here! Here is how you can donate your clothes to goodwill.

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