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The Best Private Health Insurances in Germany in 2023


Germany has a universal healthcare system. It is mandatory for all citizens to have a health insurance. The German government provides health insurance coverage for everyone through the public health insurance system. There are also many private companies that offer private health insurance plans in Germany.

This article lists the top 10 expat-friendly private health insurances in Germany that we found this year.

Our Top Picks

We recommend Feather or Ottonova for expats. They provide the best coverage as well as English-speaking support.

What are the Benefits of Private Healthcare Coverage in Germany?

Private health insurance in Germany has some great benefits. One of the best benefits is that most providers cover everything the statutory insurance covers and more. For example, you have access to more medical practitioners since some will only take patients with private health insurance. The insurance also covers 100% of your medical expenses.

What is the Cost of Private Health Insurance in Germany?

Private healthcare insurance is compulsory for all citizens in Germany, and it costs more than any other type of healthcare coverage. The price varies depending on which plan you choose. For young expats, it should be less than you will have to pay for statutory health insurance.

Who is Eligible for a German Private Healthcare Scheme? !

In Germany, everyone who earns less than 60% of the average German income is eligible for a public healthcare scheme. The scheme is funded by taxes and contributions from employers and employees.

The eligibility criteria for a healthcare scheme in Germany are as follows:

  • You must earn not less than 64,350€ per annum.
  • If you have a minijob.
  • If you are a civil servant.
  • You are a doctor
  • You are a student
  • If you are self-employed

Best Private Health Insurance Providers For Expats in 2022.

There are many health insurance providers in Germany. This makes it difficult to find the best health insurance package for your needs. Feather Insurance is one of the best private health insurance providers in Germany. The company provides top-quality private health insurance packages that meet their customers’ needs and requirements. The company has a big network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other medical institutions all over Germany. The number of customers is growing every year, as patients can rely on several advantages of this company.

Ottonova is an example of a private health insurance that offers the best possible coverage at low costs. The organization offers a choice of plans and packages, which have been tailored to its customers’ needs and requirements. Ottonova’s services are not confined to providing health insurance; they also include dental, optical, and complementary care. They also ensure that their clients get the best quality services from hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies.


If you are looking for the best private health insurance in Germany, it’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of offers. We hope our list of the top providers for expats can give you support when choosing the most appropriate health insurance for your needs.

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