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Best Dog Insurance in Germany in 2023

Germany is a very dog-friendly country. Most dogs are well-behaved. Owning a dog in Germany comes with responsibilities. There are rules you have to adhere to. One of these is getting dog insurance and in most cases dog liability insurance for your furry friend.

Just like you need health and personal liability insurance for yourself, you need insurance for your dog in Germany. Dog health insurance is mandatory. Dog liability might be optional depending on which state you live in. However, it is advisable to get both – even if it is not compulsory. When the unexpected happens, you will be glad you did.

A quick look at the best dog insurance companies in Germany

English Support Insurance Coverage Dog Liability Insurance (Monthly Cost) Dog Health Insurance(Monthly Cost) Details
Yes Up to 15 million Not Available From €2.50
No Up to 15 million From €29.90 From €5.90
Yes Up to 30 milion From 5.99 From €9.32

Should you get insurance for your dog even if it is not mandatory

It is advisable to get insurance for the most well-trained dogs. Our furry friends may not attack someone but they might walk unknowingly into traffic. They might wander into the bike lane or destroy someone’s property. Having comprehensive insurance will save you a lot of nerves and costs.

States in Germany where dog liability insurance is compulsory

State Is Dog Liability Compulsory?
Berlin Yes
Hamburg Yes
Niedersachsen Yes
Sachsen-Anhalt Yes
Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Baden-Wurttemberg Depends on breed
Brandenburg Depends on breed
Bremen Depends on breed
Nordrehein-Westfallen Depends on breed
Rheinland-Pfalz Depends on breed
Saarland Depends on breed
Hessen Depends on breed
Sachsen Depends on breed
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Recommended
Bayern Recommended

What to consider when getting insurance for your dog

We have all had the experience where you called an office and they would not talk to you in Germany. With most insurances and contracts in Germany, if you can find a company that provides English-speaking support(if you do not speak German yet), it is important to consider this.

Secondly, you should get coverage of at least 5 million euros. The more coverage you can get for your money, the better

What should be covered in your dog liability insurance

Dog liability insurance at the bare minimum should cover you against personal injury, property damage, and financial loss. You can also expand your insurance to cover other situations like rental property damage, unwanted mating complaints, and protection while traveling abroad.

Even the best-trained dogs can have a bad day. Insuring your dog against personal injury covers direct harm such as your dog attacking and biting a person. Also indirect harm to other people such as your dog running in front of a bicycle and the rider sustaining injuries as a result.

This insures your dog against situations where their actions lead to property damage. For example, if they knock over a motorbike or bicycle. Also if your dog destroys your friend’s furniture while you are there for a visit, this would be covered.

Consider a situation where the actions of your dog result in financial loss to another. Such as missing a flight, train, or bus.

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