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How To Get All Your Packages Delivered to You In Berlin (DHL, Hermes, DPD, GLS)

We have all been there – chasing after our packages. The postal service in Germany is quite good. There are still times when it can be frustrating to receive your package. In this article, we will share some insider tips on how to receive your packages in Berlin.

First, here is a list of places your package could be.

  • In the warehouse of the delivery company
  • In the delivery van on the way to you
  • Delivered to your neighbor
  • Delivered to a Packet shop in the neighborhood
  • In a Pack station (if you signed up for it)
  • In a location, you instructed the delivery service to leave it. e.g. garden, doorstep, etch (so called Ablageort). You need to be signed up for this

Logistic Companies in Berlin.

  • DHL
  • Hermes
  • DPD
  • GLS
  • Amazon

DHL, Hermes, GLS and DPD are the big players in logistics in Berlin. You can use their services to send packages domestically or internationally. The prices vary widely based on how much weight the package is and where you want it delivered.

They all offer online tracking of your shipments, which is useful if you want to know when your package will arrive at its destination

Tips to make sure you always get your packages on time

  • Create an account and download the app of logistics company if you receive lots of packages
    It’s easier to track your packages this way. Some companies like DHL can automatically notify you even when you do not know that a package you are receiving is being delivered by them. You will also get notified which neighbor your package is with.
  • Configure what should happen to your account if you are not at home
    If you have a secure place around your house or apartment where the courier can drop off your packages, set this up in your app or on their websites. It could also be with a neighbor or a business in your building. We all know the frustration of being at home and the courier just takes your package to the post office for pickup.
  • Pick up your packages from the post office on time
    After you have received your tracking number, you will receive an email from them informing you that the package has arrived. The email/app or slip will include your pick-up date/time and where to go.
    Be sure to pick it up within the next few days with an ID. It will be sent back to the sender mostly after 5 working days.
    If you cannot pick it up yourself, you can write a note for someone to pick it up for you.
  • Use Pack stations
    You can save yourself a lot of running around by using DHL Packstations. You can have your packages delivered to the nearest to your residence and office and pick them up any time of the day. You can also send your packages there by just scanning the QR codes and dropping it off.
    Amazon also has pack stations as well for most products

How to Send and Receive Packages from DHL Packstation

Time needed: 5 days

How to Send and Receive Packages from DHL Packstation

  1. Register for Packstation Service

    To use the DHL Packstations you will have to register. You can do this on the DHL website.

  2. Verify your identify

    To conclude the registration, you have to verify your identify using the PostIdent Service. Find out more about how to do PostIdent here. The whole process should take about 3 – 5 days.

  3. Download the DHL app on your phone

    You only need the DHL app to use the Packstation for iOS or Android.

  4. To pick up a package, use the code provided to you in your app

    When you have a package in the Packstation, you will receive a notification via your app and per email. In your app, you will find a 4-digit code with which you can get your package out. Go to the pack station, select Abholung and input the code. It might also ask you for your user number, which you will also find in your app

  5. To send a package, scan the QR code

    To send a package with the Packstation, just scan on the QR code on your package. Select the size of box you need. If you choose a box that is smaller, go back to the terminal and select a bigger box. Put your package in the box and then input your user number so that you can be able to track your package in the app.