how to address a letter in germany

How to address a letter in Germany – The right way

There is a right way to address letters in Germany. It’s important you have the correct information on your letter or package for it to get to the right recipient and on time.

Letters are scanned and sorted by machines in Germany so it is important you address your letters well.

General Rules

  • Write only on the front of your envelope
  • Top left corner: Your address
  • Bottom right: Receiver’s address
  • Top right corner: Postage stamp
  • Do not write or stick anything on the envelope that may be mistaken as an address.

In Germany, you can send letters and packages not only to a residential and physical address. There are about 3 different types. Let’s look at how to address a letter properly to all of these types.

Residential or Business Address – Hausanschrift

This is the most common – sending a letter directly to a residential or commercial building.

Sample Address – Business

Mary Musterman
Musterman Company
Musterstrasse 1
12345, Berlin

Sample Address – Private

Max Musterman
Musterman Company
Musterstrasse 1
12345, Berlin

What makes up the address

Name of Recipient
Additional Information such as c/o
Street Name + number
Zip Code, City

tip: If the person does not have their name on the mailbox and doorbell, include a c/o to someone whose name can be found on the door. There are usually many apartments in a building. The mailman will return your letter if he does not find the person's name on the door

Post Office Box

Yes, you can still rent post office boxes in Germany. Here is how you address a letter to a PO Box.
You can rent a PO box with DHL here.

It costs 22.90 Euros to rent. Additional costs include 9,90 Euros for additional users and 7 Euros (per extra key) if you need more than the 2 included.

price list - how much it cost to rent a PO box in Germany

Sample Address

Max Mustermann
Postfach 12 34 56
12345 Berlin

What makes up the address

Name of Recipient
Postfach + Box number
Zip Code, City

Package Stations – Packstations

DHL customers can also receive packages to package stations. These are small stations set up around the city. The person receiving the letter would have had to register for this service.
When a person receives a package to a station, they get notified on the DHL app. They get a code with which they can go to the station and retrieve their package.

It’s quite convenient especially for people who are not always at home. It saves you from having your packages rerouted to post offices and neighbors when you are not at home. Here is how you address a package to a Packstation

Sample Address

Max Mustermann
Packstation 101

12345 Musterstadt

What makes up the address

First Name, Second Name
(Your recipient gets this number when they register for the service)
Packstation + Station number
Zip Code, City

Important Terms:

Absender(Abs): Sender
Empfänger(Emf): Receiver
Postleitzahl(PLZ): Zip Code

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