how to do POSTIDENT in Germany

POSTIDENT: How to Verify Your Identity Online (Securely) in Germany

If you have opened a bank account in Germany apart from a few exceptions like N26, you have probably have had to verify your identity with POSTIDENT.

This is a service provided by DHL. There are also few other providers but DHL is the most common. This is a step by step guide to verification.

Step By Step Guide: How to do POSTIDENT verification

  1. Print your POSTIDENT coupon

    Print your coupon provided by the institution you want to verify your identity with. To save paper, you can also show the QR code or take note of your reference number.

  2. Go to the your nearest post office

    Find the nearest post office through google maps or the DHL app. Paket shops do not do POSTIDENT verifications. You will need to find a proper post office branch.

  3. Show your identification document

    At the post office, show them their coupon or QR code. You will need to present a valid identity card(for European citizens) or a passport. The post now only accepts biometric passports(can be scanned)

  4. Alternatively download POSTIDENT app

    Most times, you can also use the POSTIDENT app and spare the trip to the post office. You can download either the android or iOS app.

  5. Start Video Call

    All you need to do is to scan or type in your reference number and start a video call. Here you will also need your passport.

    The call takes about 5 minutes.
    Tip: Make sure you have enough light in the room.

    POSTIDENT via video chat is available on weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm.

  6. Wait for verification with your contract partner

    After finishing the verification, you need to wait a few days for Deutsche Post to inform your contract partner/institution of your verification

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I always use POSTIDENT?

No. It depends on the contracting institution. If they use POSTIDENT, you can use it. Sometimes, you can ask them to give you this option if for any reason you cannot use the provider they prefer

Can I always use video chat for POSTIDENT

No. Some coupons have reference number that cannot be used in the app.

Do I have to do POSTIDENT every time or just once

Yes. Currently, you have to verify yourself every time an institution asks you to

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