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How To Learn German With Audiobooks (And The Best Apps To Use)


The German language is a beautiful language(depending on who you ask) , and it takes some getting used to when you are learning. However, there are times when you don’t want to read or write in German but still want some exposure to the language. Maybe you have not yet made so many German-speaking friends yet. Audiobooks are an excellent way to learn something new, or improve your listening skill in a language. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your German skills while also getting some entertainment—and maybe even learning something new—keep reading!

So, you have been learning German for a while, and you want to improve your German listening skills?

Listening is an important part of learning any language. It is an important skill for learning German, but it’s also often overlooked because it’s harder to practice than speaking or reading as an expat. The internet has really made this easy. Just search for “Hörbuch” on Google and you will be presented with a list of sites that offer audiobooks in German. I will give you some good options as you read on and the latest deals(if any).

Do you have a long commute?

If you have a long commute or just want to listen to something that isn’t music, audiobooks can be a great way to pass the time. Audiobooks don’t require any visual input, so they’re also ideal if you want to practice your German while cleaning up around the house, on the U-bahn, or your bike on your way to work.

Are Audiobooks for Everyone?

As you may know, there are many methods that people use when it comes to learning languages. Some people prefer taking classes in person with an instructor, while others like working with apps or other programs online instead. And then there are those who would rather get into the language by watching TV shows or movies in their target language – which is where listening practice comes into play here too: if you want to make sure that what you hear makes sense, then having good comprehension skills is key!

Some people prefer being read books rather than reading them

Why not listen to an audiobook in German?

The internet makes it easy to find audiobooks in German. You can buy them directly from Audible or other sources, or you can check out library websites for free ones. For example, the Berliner Bibliothek has over 1000 audiobooks available (and no waitlists!)

The best audiobook apps in Germany.

Here I just have two favorites. There are lots of services out there, but it’s important to have a large collection and just pay for one service, than to have different services for different types of books.


The best audiobook app for finding audiobooks in German is Audible. The Amazon company site offers a large selection of new and classic German language titles at very competitive prices(as well as English books). It’s easy to use and cancel, plus it has all kinds of cool features like a nearly unlimited selection of books and audio samples that let you listen before committing.

Audible is also very affordable: if you’re in Germany or Austria, you can get a free trial membership by clicking here! For prime customers, you can get a 60-day trial instead of 30 days. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much fun learning German can be!


I discovered BookBeat as an alternative. There are months when I have used my audible credit and still would like to read another book. With BookBeat, their tariffs are per read hours and not per book. You can also pay a bit extra for unlimited listening. There are free samples available so that you can try before you buy!

Audiobooks are an excellent way to learn something new, or improve your listening skill in a language.

Audiobooks are an excellent way to learn something new, or improve your listening skill in a language.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your German, audiobooks are an excellent choice. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative


So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some audiobooks and start listening!