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Apple Back To School 2022 – Gift Card instead of AirPods

Apple’s annual back to school offer just launched in Germany(14 July). The back to school sale offers discounts and perks for students and educators. In addition to the discounts that students enjoy all year long, in 2021, students could grab a free pair of AirPods on qualifying purchases.

Just like the offer, in the USA, apple is giving out Gift Cards(Gutscheine) instead of AirPods. The gift cards can be used to buy apps, or services in the Apple ecosystem. For those who were looking forward to getting AirPods, all is not lost – you can also buy a pair with your gift card.

How to Access Apple’s Back To School Promo in Germany

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to access Apple’s Back To School Offer in Germany

  1. Register on UNiDAYS

    You need to verify yourself as a student in order to take advantage of this offer. The way to go about this is to register on My UniDays. UNiDAYS is not exclusive for Apple, and you can access lots of other offers geared towards students and educators. You will need to verify with your official Uni email.apple offers unidays germany

  2. Look for Apple offers on UNiDAYS

    Find Apples’s page on UNiDAYS and click on it to get to the Apple Educational Store

For students looking to buy a new MacBook or iPad, it’s always worth it to go through the UNiDAYS store – even if the back to school promo is not running. You can save almost up to 10% all year round on your apple purchases.

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