driving outside germany with international driving license

How to get an International Driving Licence in Germany

You would love to rent a car while on vacation and not have to depend on public transportation or taxis. The is great freedom of being mobile while on holidays. In the European union, you can use your German driving license. For any other country outside the Union you may need an international driver’s license. Here is how you apply in Berlin or any city in Germany.

What you need to know

  • You do not need an international driver’s license in the European Union and the European Economic Area
  • The international license is not a valid driver’s license on its own. You always have to show your ‘regular’ driver’s license every time you use it.

Where can you apply for an international driver’s license?

You can apply at your local traffic authority (Straßenverkehrsämtern). This is usually your Bürgeramt.

What is required to get an international driving permit in Berlin and Germany?

  • You need to be living in the city you are applying in. If you have two residences in two cities, you will have to apply with the primary city of residence (Hauptwohnsitz)
  • You need to have a valid German driver’s licence. Here is how to apply for one.
  • You need to be present at the Bürgeramt for the application (i.e Someone cannot apply or pick it up on your behalf)

Documents needed

  • Valid Passport (Or identification document)
  • Biometric passport picture
  • German driver’s license.

How does an international driver’s license cost?

In Berlin, it costs 15 Euros. The cost across Germany from our research ranges anywhere from 12 to 20 Euros. Bring your EC Card with you. It is usually the only method of payment at Bürgeramts.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the international driving permit license valid

It is valid for a maximum of 3 years as long as your driver’s license is still valid for this period.

Do I need an international driver’s license if I move out of Germany

If you are moving outside the European Union, you will need a new driver’s license. However, within the European Union, you should have no need.

Do I need an international driving permit for Australia and New Zealand?

Yes. You will also need for Australia and New Zealand a certified translation of your German driver’s license

Can I drive with my international driving license in Japan?

Yes! However, to drive in Japan you will also need a Japanese translation of your German license.

How long does it take to get an international driving license in Germany

The international driving license is instant. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the whole process.

How do I get an appointment for an international driving license in Berlin?

You can apply at any Bürgeramt. You can book an appointment online on the Berliner service portal.

Do I need an international driver’s license in Germany

You do not need an international driving permit if you are not taking up residence in Germany. If you move to Germany, you could use your international drivers license for up to 6 months.

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