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5 Places for Mesmerizing Sunset Views in Berlin

Sunset in Berlin

For those who are in Berlin to stay, there will be many sunsets over the course of your time here. However, there is nothing quite like experiencing the first sunset after a long day of travel. The crisp air and pink sky will remind you that you are finally here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than finding the perfect spot for sunset. Plus, later on in your travels when you realize how much fun sunsets are in Berlin, you’ll have a jump-start on the best places to watch them. So when it comes time for sundown at the end of your first day in Berlin (or anytime after), remember these five spots for an unforgettable view.

Where to watch it?

What to know: Berlin is a great city for sunsets. The flat plain upon which the city was built means no obstructions. Almost every neighborhood offers up a prime sunset watching spot and you’re often rewarded with stunning colors or an eerie foggy atmosphere depending on the weather. There are some great viewpoints, but we recommend getting out of the center to see one of these sights in its natural environment, whether that be on a boat in the Spree River, atop a hill overlooking the city, or peering over from a rooftop bar.

1. Berliner Dom

The first place on the list is one of the most popular sunset spots in Berlin: the Berliner Dom.

The Berlin Cathedral, a Protestant church built between 1895 and 1905, is an impressive wedding cake-like building located on Museum Island. It’s easily visible from many places in the center of Berlin and can be seen from as far away as Alexanderplatz. The cathedral’s interior is ornate and beautiful but also worth a visit for its amazing panoramic views of central Berlin.

For the best view of the sunset behind Berlin’s iconic buildings, climb up to the dome (for €7) or walk to Gendarmenmarkt, where you’ll find stunning views over all three domes—the French Dom (a Roman Catholic Church), Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral) and Konzerthaus (Concert Hall).

2. Viktoriapark

Viktoriapark is a wonderful park located in Kreuzberg. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Berlin and it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

3. Oberbaumbrücke

The Oberbaumbrücke is a double-decker bridge across the River Spree, and it’s one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. The upper deck is fully covered in steel, while the lower deck is open between its two towers and has a glass bottom that allows you to look down on boats passing underneath. It connects Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, two districts that were separated by the Berlin Wall until 1989, making it a symbol for Berlin as a whole.

It’s best viewed from both sides of the river; there are good vantage points all along the banks. If you come at night, you’ll see why it’s considered to be one of Berlin’s most beautiful bridges.

4. Fernsehturm

Located in the center of Berlin, the Fernsehturm is a 368 meter tall tower that has a viewing platform at 203 meters. It is currently Germany’s tallest structure.

The platform can be accessed by elevator, which takes only 50 seconds to reach the top. On a clear day you can see all of Berlin from here and up to 50 kilometers away! Sunset time at this location would be around 8:30pm during wintertime and 9:00pm during summer.

5. Tiergarten (Schlosspark Theater)

The Tiergarten (Schlosspark Theater) is located on the Tiergartenstrasse, and offers an excellent view of the Brandenburg Gate. The park offers a beautiful walk through green, open fields as well as forests. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a concert. It’s also the ideal place to have a picnic – especially with friends or family – or to take pictures with the sunset in the background.

7. Borkenstrand, Rahnsdorf am Müggelsee

Berliner love to escape to this place for a day trip, and you can see why: it’s incredibly close to the city, and offers just the right blend of space and culture. You certainly won’t be alone here, but as it’s a popular spot with plenty of room for everyone (it’s over 100,000 square meters), you’ll have no trouble getting your own piece of heaven to relax in. The view from the lake is spectacular at sunset—the sun seems to melt into the shimmering water before your eyes.

If you’re coming by train, take the S3 line to Rahnsdorf. It will drop you off conveniently close to Borkenstrand (about 10 minutes’ walk). If you’re driving there are two large parking lots available.

There are so many activities available at this location that you might find yourself wanting more time than one sunset visit allows. Not only will there be tons of people enjoying nature walks or sitting on benches and soaking up the atmosphere all around them (there is a lovely museum nearby too) but do take some time out for swimming in the lake if that appeals! The water is clean and warm, with a sandy bottom that won’t hurt your feet like sharp rocks might elsewhere. This is also an excellent location for picnics; bring along some friends and share what each person has brought—you may wind up sampling foods that are new even to Berliners!

8. Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar is a restaurant located at the top of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, with the perfect view to watch the sun go down. This is a great place for any time, as it offers both lunch and dinner. There’s also an outside terrace where you can see the sunset and let your mind wander. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of this magical view!

It’s not always possible to be in Berlin for sunset, but thankfully there are other places that offer amazing sunrise views as well. onkey Bar. This restaurant is the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your partCheck out these three restaurants for a morning treat:ner. It is located at the top of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, between the zoo and Kudamm. Look out over the sunset from the terrace and enjoy a delicious meal as you watch it sink into the horizon. If it gets too cold outside, you can go inside to finish your meal.

  • Monkey Bar offers both lunch and dinner at affordable prices.
  • The panoramic views will have you mesmerized by how beautiful they are.

9. Brandenburger Tor

The Brandenburg Gate is the most famous landmark in Berlin, and it’s also a great place to watch the sunset. This triumphal arch was built on the orders of King Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1791 and designed by Carl Gotthard Langhans—but those who visit might not realize that back when it was built, it sat completely outside of Berlin. Because the city has grown so much since then, Brandenburger Tor now sits in Pariser Platz in the Mitte district.

Though you can see views of the gate from many places around town, there’s something special about watching the sun set through its arches or peeking through its pillars. While you’re there, you should also check out nearby sights like Reichstag (1 km away) or Holocaust Memorial (0.5 km away).

These places will allow you to see the sunset in all its glory

Berlin has many fine views of the sun setting, for those who know where to go. The city also offers numerous landmarks, as well as some great museums and island spots. The best part is that all these places are free, too, making them all that much more precious.

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