Berlin Trams: Your Complete Guide to the Berlin Tram Tickets

Why You Should Consider Taking Trams in Berlin instead of Taxis or Buses

Berlin is a beautiful city with a variety of attractions to explore. However, if you want to explore the city without the hassle of finding parking and waiting for a taxi or bus, take the trams instead. The trams serve as an excellent way to navigate Berlin as they pass through different neighborhoods and connect with other modes of transportation such as buses and subways. Trams also provide excellent views of the city as you travel through it.

This is why we recommend tourists and travellers alike to take the trams in Berlin instead of taxis or buses.

How much does a single tram ride cost?

This is a question that many commuters grapple with every day. The good news is that the answer isn’t too difficult to find. You can ride the Bahn using your BVG ticket.

The cost of a single tram ticket is 3 Euros. You can also buy a short distance ticket if you are only going 6 stops. This costs 2 Euros.

You can find the full list of fares here

Where to Buy Your Tram Tickets From: Online or Offline?

The Berlin public transport system is operated by the BVG. The BVG operates tram, bus, S-Bahn, U-Bahn and ferry services in the city. You can buy your ticket from any of these modes of transport or at a vending machine in one of the stations.

There are three ways to buy your tickets:

  • Purchase them before you start travelling in any of the BVG ticket stations or info points.
  • Buy them on board the tram
  • purchase them online (in apps)

Apps you can use to buy a U-bahn, bus or tram ticket in Berlin

The Berlin Tram Ticket is very easy to buy. The process only requires the user to purchase the ticket, validate it, and use it. There are several ways to purchase a Berlin Tram Ticket, but the most popular option is at vending machines in the station or on board of a tram.

Final Thoughts on Using Berlin Trams

Berlin’s tram system is the best way to explore the city and see some areas you might otherwise not see with the U-bahn. Always bear in mind to validate your ticket every time you use public transport in Berlin. A valid ticket that is not validated will still earn you a fine. Here is what to do if you get a fine.

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