how to replace lost keys in berlin

Did you lose your keys while you were out or get them stolen? Sometimes you just have that kind of day when you lock yourself out while taking the trash. This is how you go about getting back in your apartment.

Chances are you are desperate to get into your apartment at any cost. However, it should not break the bank. Typically it should cost anywhere from 50 to 170 Euros.

Calling a locksmith (Schlüsseldienst)

You can find one nearest Schlüsseldienst to you through a simple google search. Even though you are in a desperate situation, take your time to read some of the reviews before calling. Here are a few tips to not getting ripped off.

  1. Tell them exactly what happened
  2. Tell them what you want them to do
  3. Let them give you a quote before you agree to let them come
  4. Compare prices
  5. Say no to expensive offers
  6. Get a receipt.

Call ADAC Schlüsseldienst (ADAC Locksmith Service)

This would be my recommendation to anyone who loses their keys. This is because I know exactly how much they are going to charge. You do not have to be an ADAC member to call them. This service is available in Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, München, Köln, Stuttgart, Franfurt/Main and Düsseldorf.

It costs 95 Euros from Monday to Friday between 6 am and 8 pm. On Weekends and during the night, it costs 169 Euros.

how much adac locksmith cost

How to contact ADAC Schlüsseldienst

You can contact them by filling this form or call 0800 287 66 87. Due to their large network, the yellow angels should arrive in no more than 45 minutes.

Replacing lost keys

You can get copies of your keys from any Schlüsseldienst. However, you need permission from your building management (Hausverwaltung) to make copies of the keys to the building. You will need to ask your Hausmeister for a Schlüsselkarte. You will need to bring this to the locksmith.

Who pays for your locked keys and other costs?

You bear the cost of replacing your keys. However, if you have a Haftplichtversicherung (Private liability Insurance), they mostly cover this. Also if a friend lost your keys, their insurance will cover the cost.
You can pay the locksmith, and get your money back from your insurance to avoid any extra costs due to delay in payment.

7 tips that will save you a call to the locksmith

Here are few tips to help you not to have call the Schlüsseldienst

  1. Keep a spare key in a hidden place around your house
  2. Leave a spare key with a friend in the neighborhood
  3. Place a reminder on your door if you lock yourself out often
  4. Get private liability insurance (Privathaftpflichtversicherung)
  5. Get household insurance (Hausratsversicherung)
  6. Look around your block for a locksmith when you move to a new neighborhood.