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The Ultimate Guide to Tax Return Software in Germany in 2023

After every financial year, most people in Germany have to file their tax returns. Even when you do not have to do your tax returns, there are so many advantages to doing it. These days it is much easier with a tax software. You finish your tax returns in one weekend.

Here are the best tax software we could find in Germany

How to file your tax returns in Germany

You can file your tax returns in Germany yourself or you can get a professional to help you. Here are the options

  1. Use the free software ELSTER provided by the Finanzamt (Available only in German)
  2. Use special tax software
  3. Engage a tax consultant
  4. Join a Steuerverein (tax club)

For most people, the trip and cost of a tax advisor can be spare since these softwares are quite intuitive and easy to use. However, a tax advisor is liable for any mistakes that happen with your tax returns.

Best Tax Software in Germany

There are lots of applications you can use. Most of them allow you to do your tax returns on your phone. Though most people will prefer doing this on a computer. Here are the most popular and easiest to use software.

Best English tax software in Germany

  1. GermanTaxes
  2. Smartsteuer
  3. Taxfix
  4. SteuerGo
  5. Taxando

Best German Tax Software

  1. WISO Steur
  2. Steuerbot
  3. Tax Professional


Filing taxes in Germany thanks to these softwares has gotten less complicated. For most employees, it is a straightforward. You can enter your payslip details in under 20 minutes. Here is a guide to understanding what is on your German payslip(Lohnsteuerbescheinigung).

All the software that made the list a quite simple. The top pick will be Smartsteuer. If you can do your tax returns in German, I found WISO’s Steuerweb to the best so far. It pairs well with Finanzblick and automatically imports transactions from your bank.

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