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How to opt out of Church Tax (Kirchensteuer) in Berlin

During your first Anmeldung in Berlin, there is an option to choose whether you belong to a church. Most people opt in, not knowing that the church is going to take a bite out of your salary in the form of taxes every month. If you are reading this before your first Anmeldung, make sure this is fine with you. If for any reason you find want to stop paying this tax, here is how to do it in Berlin.

Time needed: 7 days

How to opt out of church tax in Berlin (Kirchensteuer)

  1. Write a resignation letter to your district court (Amtsgericht)

    You can formulate your resignation in your own words.

  2. Sign your resignation letter and have it notarized

    Get your signed letter notarized by any Notary in your area.

  3. Submit your resignation with the following documents

    ID card or passport and registration certificate(Meldebescheinigung)
    Birth certificate of your kids (if it applies)
    Marriage certificate (if it applies)
    Find your nearest district court here
    It costs 30 Euros in Berlin.

How long does the Kirchenaustritt take?

After you opt out of the church tax, you should expect it to take effect the next calendar month.

Is Church tax mandatory?

No! It’s not! You can still go to church without having to pay church tax. However, It comes in handy if you wish to get married in the church for example

How much do you pay for church tax in Germany?

You pay 9% of your taxable income in Germany. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, it is 8%

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